Australian Consulate-General
New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna

Australian citizens - Consular services and travelling abroad


For consular assistance to Australian citizens, please call +687 27 24 14 (outside of our office hours​, follow the prompts to be connected to the 24/7 Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra, also contactable outside of our office hours, in Australia on 1300 555 135 or from overseas on +61 2 6261 3305).


The Australian Consulate-General in Noumea provides a range of consular services to Australian citizens in New Caledonia and in Wallis-and-Futuna.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) sets out the standard of service in the Consular Services Charter. The Charter signifies DFAT's commitment to providing effective, prompt and courteous consular services, delivered in an equitable way, to all Australians in need as well as clarifying the limits to consular services.

Outside of consular, passport and notarial services, which are provided by the Australian Consulate-General, we are unable to provide further information than is outlined below. Please also note the Australian Consulate-General does not manage enquiries relating to visas or entry-exit requirements to Australia (Australian Department of Home Affairs)New Caledonia or Wallis-and-Futuna, or Canada and we are unable to escalate applications or issues with the authorities in Australia, New Caledonia or Wallis-and-Futuna, or Canada. 

Smartraveller Portal - Travel advisories and recommendations

Before you book your travel, check regulations as applicable to your circumstances

Comprehensive travel insurance

Foreign visas and entry-exit regulations



Smartraveller Portal Travel advisories and recommendations

Smartraveller has the latest, authoritative travel advice so you can be informed and prepared about overseas travel. Subscribe to receive travel advice updates by simply supplying your name and email address – straight to your inbox. You can also subscribe to Push Notifications to receive updates on your smartphone or desktop.

In a crisis, Smartraveller will activate a crisis page on its website. It will make it easier for you or someone you know to contact the Australian Government if you need help. It will supplement the consular emergency hotline.

Visit  or connect with Smartraveller on Facebook and Twitter.  Subscribe to Smartraveller for updates, check the latest travel advice and take out travel insurance.

Check out travel recommendations on Smartraveller including the travel advice for New Caledonia and also check out all other Smartraveller recommendations applicable to your circumstances:

Before you book your travel, check regulations as applicable to your circumstances

It is your responsibility to ensure you meet the requirements of the airline or vessel operator you are travelling with and of countries you are travelling to or transiting through.

You are responsible for checking requirements applicable to your circumstances regarding visas, entry or work permits, mandatory health and other declarations, as well as insurance to cover your specific travel, condition and circumstances. Also check the safety plans applied by the airline or cruise company you intend travelling with and ensure you meet their requirements. If you need information or assistance, please contact your airline, cruise line, travel provider or employer and the relevant competent authorities in Australia, New Caledonia and in Wallis-and-Futuna directly.

Information for international travellers to and from Australia is also available on the website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs at Entering Australia ( and Before and after you leave Australia (

Comprehensive travel insurance

If you’re leaving Australia, travel insurance is just as essential as a passport. Without it, you or your family could suffer financially if things go wrong.

Ensure your travel insurance (check the CHOICE travel insurance buying guide) covers you for the places you’ll visit, the things you’ll do and any pre-existing medical conditions you have. Some destinations may also require travellers to hold travel insurance as a condition of entry. No matter who you are, where you're going and what you're doing, get insurance as the Australian Government will not pay your medical costs or your medical evacuation costs.

Foreign visas and entry-exit regulations

Regarding foreign visa enquiries, please note every country or territory decides who can enter or exit through its borders. Foreign governments often require you to get a visa before they let you enter. Make sure you meet all entry and exit conditions. Check with the nearest embassy, consulate or immigration department of the destination you're entering. If you don't meet the conditions, the Australian Government can't help you.

For information on French visas, stays and work permits, and travel conditions for New Caledonia and Wallis-and-Futuna, please check the information available at Visas and travel conditions for New Caledonia and Wallis-and-Futuna ( and contact relevant authorities directly.

If you have any questions or concerns around your planned travel to New Caledonia or Wallis-and-Futuna, contact your airline including Aircalin or Qantas, cruise line, travel provider or employer for help and to check regulations applicable to your circumstances. Check also with your airline including Aircalin or Qantas, or cruise line on their boarding conditions and on regulations applicable to travel by minors, including those unaccompanied.


Personal information provided to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988. DFAT’s privacy policy, the Consular Service Charter and the Consular Privacy Collection Statement are available on line. Personal Information may be used by us to provide consular assistance.


If you are an Australian citizen in New Caledonia or in Wallis-and-Futuna and require consular assistance, please contact us during business hours on +687 27 24 14 or by email at [email protected].

If you call us outside business hours, please follow the prompts to be connected to the 24/7 Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra. Outside of our office hours, you can also call the centre directly on +61 2 6261 3305 from overseas or on 1300 555 135 from within Australia. 

Australian Consulate-General, Noumea - phone +687 27 24 14 – consular email: [email protected]. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm (except public holidays). 

Phone directories, including list of phone numbers for emergencies and assistance in New Caledonia (OPT NC) and in Wallis-and-Futuna (SPT WF).

Please also check the Consular Notarial and Passports Services - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).